Come and See

There are multiple ways to join us in the ministry:

    •  Praying faithfully
    •  Investing financially
    •  Supporting physically

We need you to join our team and pray, give, and/or come. 

    How can you "come and see" us here on the Rez?

    • You can book a short term team for spring or summer by contacting Veronica.  Booking begins on September 15th and fills up fast.  
    • You can plan a father/son wood chopping weekend on the rez.  Contact Zack.
    • You can recommend someone for the 12 week summer internship program. Contact Veronica.  
    • You can be a part of celebrating Christmas in White Swan through your donations or volunteer effort.  Check our website in the fall for more details.  
    • You can help with seasonal needs in the community.  These needs include school supplies, coats, blankets, and staple food items.  Contact Mary.  
    • If you are a skilled laborer, you can contact Chris about coming to work on the new Sacred Road facility.  

       Our ministry team is growing and we are hoping to expand the ministry in several areas including:

          •  Boys and Girls Ranch
          •  School
          •  Health Clinic
          •  Economic Development Program
          •  and more!