Children and Youth Sponsorship

Our hope for your sponsorship is that it will lead to a deep and eternal relationship and be much more than simply a financial undertaking. To that end, here are some suggestions/guidelines on how you can get the most out of sponsoring a Hope Fellowship youth or child.

How do I sponor a child or youth? We are asking for a committment of $30 per month for each child to pay for their participation in our youth or children's ministry. This money will be used to cover expenses for food, snacks, transportation, craft and art supplies, as well as any admission costs for activities.

How does a sponsorship work? If you would like to sponsor a child or youth complete the form below and let us know your preferences about who you would like to sponsor. We will send you a photo and a short biography of one of our children or youth. Our hope is that the sponsorship will become more than a financial arrangement and you will pray regularly for the child/youth you are sponosring. To that end, we will send regular updates and prayer requests for them.

Where does the money go? All monies from the sponsorship fill go into the activities budget of the children's or youth ministry.

Can I communicate with child or youth I am sponsoring?  Please communicate as often as you would like. The most reliable method is to send letters through our team. We encourage you to send birthday and Christmas gifts. In your communication, please encourage the youth or child and let them know how and what you have been praying for them. Include scripture if you feel led. Ask about what we are learning in church or what their favorite activities are. If you ever receive a communication that you have questions about or are uncomfortable with - please let us know.

Where do I send the money? Please send all checks to Sacred Road Ministries, PO Box 400, Harrah, WA 98933. Please include a note with the name of the youth or child you are sponsoring.

Who can I contact?
For questions about sponsoring children please contact Joshua Tsavatewa - 509.930.0100.
For youth sponsorships, please contact Chuck Clevenger - 509.388.3669.

Please Pray: God hears the prayers of his people. Our hope is that as your relationship grows, you will know better and better how to pray for the kids. Sometimes, their stories will break your heart. Sometimes, they will fill you with joy. They are great kids who face very difficult challenges daily - at home and at school. They have found the church to be a place of peace and refuge. They know that they matter because Jesus loves them. Your prayers are vital for their continued growth and faith.

Sponsor a youth or a child

We will contact you soon. Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program.