Sacred Road Policies

Disclaimer: This is a not a mission trip for non-believers, new-believers, or young-believers. This mission experience is designed for, and limited to, mature Christians. We recommend that every team member fill out an application that covers their personal testimony and submit it to the team leader.

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It is up to the team leader to make sure that each team member is mature and able to minister effectively and represent Sacred Road and the Lord well.
Arrival is Saturday night after 7pm, and departure is the following Saturday morning. Any deviations from this must be approved.
Additionally, the minimum age for participants is 13 years old. Any 13 or 14-year-olds must be very mature and be accompanied by the same sex parent.
Lastly, anyone who has been sick 48 hours prior to leaving for the trip may not come. The team member will be reimbursed.