Welcome to Sacred Road Ministries

Dear Friends, Family, and Partners in Ministry,

We hope and pray that you and yours are safe and healthy during these difficult times in our nation. We have had one staff family diagnosed with covid 19, and since recovered, praise the Lord. Unfortunately, our community is still battling the spread of covid 19 and is remaining closed as we enter into the month of June. While we are still unable to meet corporately, we are connecting through social media and mercy needs. We are very grateful for the masks sent by a number of our supporting churches and past interns! We are looking forward to seeing firsthand how the Lord will grow his Kingdom during these difficult times.

 Please keep up with us on Facebook and instagram!

Blessings to you and yours, Rev. Chris Granberry

In 1855, the Yakama people, along with 13 other tribes and bands, signed a treaty with the United States government which established the Yakama Reservation at the foot of Mt. Adams in south central Washington state. Since that time, the culture, families, and dreams of the Yakama people have steadily disintegrated.

The goal of Sacred Road Ministries is to be a unified and growing community of believers who have a passion for God, for each other, and for the lost, and who are prepared and equipped to serve the Lord by ministering in the community of Native America and the world. The Sacred Road team reaches out to the community through: Hope Fellowship church services; children's ministry, youth ministry; Kingdom Kids after-school program; a variety of acts of service and mercy; recruiting, hosting and organizing one week service teams, etc.

We believe that the good news of the gospel is very powerful and can bring life, hope, and change to the reservation.  In Isaiah 58 God tells His people that if they "extend themselves" or "pour themselves out" for their needy and oppressed neighbors that He can and will redeem and restore their broken community.

Behind every successful church planting work, there is a strong team of believers who are: praying faithfully, investing financially, and supporting physically. We need you to join our team and pray, give, and/or come.